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Greetings Fellow Crafters :

Have you heard the news ?
The new annual catalog will be available every year in June.
That is a month earlier than before !
Since we are getting the catalog earlier, we are saying goodbye to retiring stamps and accessories earlier too. All the stamp sets this year are going away by May 31st. Be sure to check out the RETIRED LIST by April of every year, and the retiring accessories list also.
Don't miss out on your retiring favorites !

Spend as little or as much as you will like and receive  
Qualifying totals are before shipping and tax.

for being a loyal customer to me. 
This is NOT a Stampin’ Up! promotion. 
Please let me know before you place your
BIG order so I can let you know how your

Shop with a smile & Shop a lot  :) 

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Dazzling Details - by Stampin' Up! Cherry Cobbler Dazzling Details
101 ways to use Dazzling Details!
I found an article on how to use glitter glue and adjusted it to our Dazzling Details from Stampin' Up! Hope you find this interesting...ENJOY!!

1. To outline the letters in your titles.
2. To outline the patterns, pictures & designs on your patterned papers.
3. You can add a little shimmer by spreading it around with your finger!
4. Use on handmade cards.
5. To make flowers glittery.
6. To make “glitzy photo corners!”
7. To make firework photos glittery!
8. To make the “trails” from butterflies and dragonflies.
9. To doodle dots and stitches.
10. Use it on stickers to really make them look special. 
11. To outline the veins in leaves.
12. To add to the clothing stamps to make them look ready for a night on the town!
13. To make brads sparkly!
14. To make ribbon sparkly!
15. To make icing on cupcakes and cakes shimmer.
16. To make waves look 3-D.
17. For making cherries/fruit shimmer as if wet.
18. To make the “fire” on the end of a birthday candle!
19. To make rain drops or water drops from a watering can.
20. To make fairy dust around a fairy’s wand.
21. To decorate your kids school supplies instead of buying designer stuff.
22. To cover entire cutouts.
23. Use over the designs on grunge board. It looks great!
24. To add droplets on your Halloween LO’s.
25. To cover clear embellishments entirely and make them oh so sparkly!
26. Use under transparencies, to adhere them. Looks great for bubbles!
27. Use for decorating t-shirts. 
28. Use dots to border a page!
29. Use for slug trails.
30. Use for snail trails.
31. To decorate tennis shoes.
32. To decorate buttons.
33. To decorate ribbons.
34. To make a spider web sparkle in a Halloween LO.
35. Use on handmade tags.
36. To add bling to hats or crowns.
37. To make jewelry gleam!
38. To make belts shine!
39. To add pizazz to purses & some shine to shoes!
40. To all or any misc accessories! 
41. To decorate lots of things, especially stamped swirls or flowers.
42. Use generally anywhere on your LO, just to add some bling!
43. To make a circle or square of dots to frame closely in on a face or object in a photo.
45. In the center of flowers.
46. Use along swirly-swirls!
47. To make a thin (or thick!) border around anything (or everything!) on your page.
48. To highlight the shadow on stamped letters.
49. To stamp with them!
50. To embellish concert LO’s.
51. To make flourishes on your flourishes and make them look embossed.
52. To add bling to a star.
53. Use in flames to make them shimmer, glow & come alive!
54. To enhance Cotton Candy!
55. To enhance Candy Canes!
56. To enhance Icicles.
57. To enhance Water & Waterfalls.
58. To enhance Oranges.
59. To make the lines of a shooting star!
60. Use as paint (dot a little then spread with paintbrush)
62. To make a proper Disco Ball!
63. You can tear paper snow for cards or layouts & run it along the top edge of the snow.
64. To enhance ghost shapes or flakes. Add in the center of snowflakes.
65. Add to anything that you stamp!
66. To enhance paper piercings.
67. Use on die cuts.
68. To outline the jewel with Stickles.
69. To outline a journal box.
70. To decorate a cast.
71. To decorate gift bags.
72. To decorate wrapping paper.
73. Use on feathers for Mardi Gras or Las Vegas LOs.
74. Use with a stencil instead of ink.
75. You can print out stuff from Google, add Dazzling Details to make homemade sparkly stickers!
76. Add to the top of Thickers.
77. When glitter comes off of stickers/paper, you can fill it in with Dazzling Details to make it back to normal! Use it to glue more glitter on top of the sticker!
78. To make the eyes on a Disney Princess cut with your Cricut.
79. To create rays of sunshine!
80. To create a rainbow!
81. To make a heart (or hearts) shine!
82. To make stars glitter & shine!
83. To make moonbeams shine!
84. Use on diecut Christmas trees to make the bulbs sparkle & shine!
85. Add to your own Christmas ornaments or Christmas ornaments as gifts!
86. To add shine to a trophy.
87. To a title block.
88. To add sparkles to a Shamrock.
89. To add sparkles to an Easter Egg.
90. To add rays of light to a Christian cross.
91. To create firework frame around something (For example, a name or an object!)
92. To make fish glimmer.
93. To make water reflect (ocean, lake, waterfall, ripples, streams, fountain, aquarium, etc.)
94. To make a reflective mirror.
95. To highlight Art Deco from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s found in the backgrounds of pictures.
96. To highlight a monogram.
97. Use on inchies.
98. Use on tear bears.
99. To add bling to automobiles.
100. Use on your Disney Princess pages.
101. Use on everything & anything & as long as you still have Dazzling Details to use!
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